Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procrastination Kills!

it is wonderful to be a university student. but its damn challenging. its difficult. its hard. its tough. only those who are strong can survive.

its been like a roller coaster ride in this semester. there’s too many workloads. assignments. projects. due dates. Damn! how i hate them all. haha. Nevertheless, i think everything can be done on time. except for the one’s who likes to procrastinate like me. *sigh* how i missed being in school!

its already 3.40 am and my friends and i are still awake. frustration. in doing this project. all of this happens because of PROCRASTINAtION! eg : the due date is tomorrow and we just started doing it. hmmm.. its already in everyone’s blood i guess. whatever it is life must still go on! so lets bring it on and fight till the final battle!


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