Saturday, October 30, 2010

LOVE to a ROBOT???

It's kind of easy to know when someone is in LOVE. And it's kind of easy to know when someone is HURT because of LOVE. Is it true that to find LOVE is difficult??? but when u have LOVE u easily throw it away in the dustbin??? perhaps and perhaps not. haha.. :D

I personally experienced "LOVE" just awhile ago.  It seemed that people likes to interpret wrongly what am i trying to say.! OR AM I GIVING WRONG VIBES??! a girl started to approach me. and BELIEVE me that she approached me FIRST! MySpace but whatever i don't mind nor i care. i am open for FRIENDSHIP. then the inevitable happened! damn i HATE this part. ahah! she said that she LIKES me!

I just knew it that that question would raise up one day but i am definitely NOT expecting it today..LOL. she said to me that she wants to say something to me , coz her friends encouraged her to say it to me..then she said that she is not ready to say it. but it just happened..she just told me.

speechless is the title of lady gaga's song. and that's how i felt at the moment! i STOPPED saying a word. the awkward feeling just looms all of the sudden. i was like what am i supposed to do???

then i told her that i like to make friends with everyone. and she responded that everyone likes to make friends. she said to me "don't you have feelings??? " and "are you a ROBOT???"

then we stopped talking nor texting. me thinks that she just needs time to think..or probably she's embarassed. but to me i don't mind. i think that she's very BRAVE to admit that she likes the person.

I like the feeling of being LOVED & LOVING another human being, however, when it comes to LOVE, people can't just FORCE it to happen..time is totally needed since time is the essence of everything.

when I talk to people, they tend to think that im trying to flirt with them but actually im not. I'm not a CASANOVA ok! lol yeah probably..but i didn't mean it! looking into someone's eyes while you're talking or listening doesn't mean that he/she wants to flirt with you. he/she is just trying to be a good listener or talker..having an eye contact is important to communicate!

I guess that this should be enough for my first official post. anyways stay tuned for more updates.. :)